Why You Get More Pumped Up When Listening to Music

Cleaners listening to music


Will you also be a lot more productive when Maroon 5 blows through your speakers with Moves like Jagger? Or do you suddenly run half an hour longer through the park with Camila Cabello in your ears? That is not surprising, research has shown that you get more energy from listening to music.

We all know it, put on nice music while cleaning and in no time the whole house is tidy and sparkling clean just like how house cleaning professionals would have done it. But how is this actually possible? And does this also work in other situations?

Music makes you more creative

Canadian research has shown that people who do not listen to music during work spend longer on a project than people who do occasionally put on a cheerful tune. With the emphasis on cheerfulness, what kind of music you listen to also affects your productivity and energy.

It turns out that music with simple tones and without language or words makes you multitask. Your brain has to interpret the music and also do regular thinking. Because you train yourself to do more things at once and you stimulate your brain to think more creatively.

Tasty beats in the office

It is true that some people go well on quieter music, while others get the most out of their hands with a techno or house tune on. It is therefore not advisable to set up music in the workplace that everyone can hear. For example, put in a pair of good JBL earbuds. This not only ensures that you can listen to your own, favorite music but also hear your surroundings. So that your boss is not suddenly roaring next to your desk because you are not listening.

JBL’s wireless earbuds do just that. They have a noise-control function that amplifies the ambient noise and ensures that you hear what is happening around you. In addition, these earbuds have a special mode that lowers the sound level of the music when you want it. But the most important thing is of course that the JBL Reflect Flow earbuds provide top sound, sit comfortably, and are hassle-free without cables. With a nice beat in your ears, you can get through your working day in no time.


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Happy fabric

Music not only promotes your productivity at work, but it also gives you energy during exercise. Because, as it turns out, by listening to uplifting music, you stimulate the production of dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is the happy substance that we are all constantly looking for because it stimulates positive thoughts and feelings. But, now it comes, dopamine also helps control your movements and purposeful thinking.

With a nice beat in your wireless JBL Reflect Flow earplugs, you can effortlessly maneuver over an impossible course. Thanks to the design, you can even participate in a Mudmaster course, so to speak, while you are in the middle of a conference call because these earphones are not only waterproof but also fit like a glove. Wireless means no whining with wires when you want to improve your time on the 10 kilometers. Because that could, without you realizing it, just succeed. Music also ensures that you shift your focus and are not concerned with how long you still have to run. Or how many push-ups you still have to do before you can plop down on the couch at home with a bowl of popcorn and Netflix. Before you know it, you’ll have finished your daily workout!