Ariel Continues to Wage Campaigns Focused in Indian Women’s Right to Have Equal Time for Rest

In 2015, Ariel India launched a campaign aimed at improving women’s entitlement to equal working hours not only in workplaces but also in their own homes. The campaign known as #ShareTheLoad, is now on its fourth season, focused on how Indian women, ranging in ages 15 to 59, have been getting fewer sleep. Recent surveys show that even after spending time doing work they get paid for, they still have to do house chores for which they don’t get paid.

Indian Women Still Do Most of the Housechores While Engaged in Work

The most recent survey results indicate that up to now, less than ten percent (10%) of Indian men participate in doing their share of household chores. While women generally do the cooking every day even as they engage in formal work, only eight percent (8%) of Indian men take part in house cleaning, while only three percent (3%) help in washing dirty clothes. That is considering that the latest survey also shows that of all household chores, most Indian men prefer doing the laundry because they can always use a washing machine.

Based on the most recent “Time Use” survey conducted by the National Statistical Office in 2019, there’s still gender division of labour across the country. Survey results show that while 87% of adult Indian men spend their spare time involved in leisure activities, 71% of the country’s women sleep less than their husband — being the first to wake up in the morning and the last to go to bed during the night.

Ariel Wants the #ShareTheLoad Campaign to Continue Focusing on Women’s Health

The 4th installment of Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad campaign wants the conversation about unequal division of domestic households chores to continue and go further. Procter & Gamble India, the multinational company behind Ariel India recognized the impact of uneven sharing of household work on the lives of Indian women as something stronger and far deeper.

Majority of the Indian women across the country are not getting enough rest and sleep. In many cases, early hours become necessary if a woman no longer has the energy to finish the work late into the night.

The new films launched in several social media sites by way of YouTube video clips highlight the impact of the inequality on the well being of Indian women. The goal is to drive a message of urgency among men, to act before it’s too late. Reports have it that Ariel wants to set the bar higher for 2020 and not just result in a decline in the number of men who think clothes washing is a woman’s responsibility. While in 2015, 79% of Indian men adhered to such a view, the percentage went on a gradual decline during the campaign years. In 2019, only 41% of adult Indian men maintain the same outlook

In a 2020 survey conducted by Ariel India, most Indian men agreed that the easiest household chore to start with is doing the laundry using a washing machine. That being the case, Ariel’s 4th installment of the #ShareTheLoad focuses on men doing the laundry as the first step to giving their women folk equal time to rest and sleep.