Why You Get More Pumped Up When Listening to Music

Cleaners listening to music


Will you also be a lot more productive when Maroon 5 blows through your speakers with Moves like Jagger? Or do you suddenly run half an hour longer through the park with Camila Cabello in your ears? That is not surprising, research has shown that you get more energy from listening to music.

We all know it, put on nice music while cleaning and in no time the whole house is tidy and sparkling clean just like how house cleaning professionals would have done it. But how is this actually possible? And does this also work in other situations?

Music makes you more creative

Canadian research has shown that people who do not listen to music during work spend longer on a project than people who do occasionally put on a cheerful tune. With the emphasis on cheerfulness, what kind of music you listen to also affects your productivity and energy.

It turns out that music with simple tones and without language or words makes you multitask. Your brain has to interpret the music and also do regular thinking. Because you train yourself to do more things at once and you stimulate your brain to think more creatively.

Tasty beats in the office

It is true that some people go well on quieter music, while others get the most out of their hands with a techno or house tune on. It is therefore not advisable to set up music in the workplace that everyone can hear. For example, put in a pair of good JBL earbuds. This not only ensures that you can listen to your own, favorite music but also hear your surroundings. So that your boss is not suddenly roaring next to your desk because you are not listening.

JBL’s wireless earbuds do just that. They have a noise-control function that amplifies the ambient noise and ensures that you hear what is happening around you. In addition, these earbuds have a special mode that lowers the sound level of the music when you want it. But the most important thing is of course that the JBL Reflect Flow earbuds provide top sound, sit comfortably, and are hassle-free without cables. With a nice beat in your ears, you can get through your working day in no time.


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Happy fabric

Music not only promotes your productivity at work, but it also gives you energy during exercise. Because, as it turns out, by listening to uplifting music, you stimulate the production of dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is the happy substance that we are all constantly looking for because it stimulates positive thoughts and feelings. But, now it comes, dopamine also helps control your movements and purposeful thinking.

With a nice beat in your wireless JBL Reflect Flow earplugs, you can effortlessly maneuver over an impossible course. Thanks to the design, you can even participate in a Mudmaster course, so to speak, while you are in the middle of a conference call because these earphones are not only waterproof but also fit like a glove. Wireless means no whining with wires when you want to improve your time on the 10 kilometers. Because that could, without you realizing it, just succeed. Music also ensures that you shift your focus and are not concerned with how long you still have to run. Or how many push-ups you still have to do before you can plop down on the couch at home with a bowl of popcorn and Netflix. Before you know it, you’ll have finished your daily workout!

Cleaning While Listening to Music

Woman sweeping


Listening to music while cleaning, makes everything so much more fun! I always listen to jazz, which is why this time I visited some musician friends.

Whether getting a mold removal in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the attic, I really never do it without music. Ironing is also such a wonderful moment to have the music on nice and loud. It goes through a lot faster and it is a wonderful excuse to go crazy unnoticed. Because I sing along and dance along. You can count on YES!

Listen to jazz music

Everyone has a style of music that they love. For me personally, that’s jazz. I love jazz. So there is always a CD (yes I still have them!), or a phone ready with which I can listen to jazz. How about ‘Get Yourself A New Broom’ by Duke Ellington… nice and appropriate too. Or ‘Sway’ by the one and only Ratpack: Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, and Dean Martin. I’m already feeling like sopping again!

Jazz evenings

The Hague and jazz are of course a kind of two-unit. Every year, of course, the North Sea Jazz festival takes place with us. But the city has many more places where you can regularly listen to live music. For example, at Café Murphy’s Law there is a jazz evening every month where legendary Dutch musicians play. That’s why it seemed nice to make a video portrait of some of these gentlemen instead of a cleaning tip. We have really world-famous jazz musicians in the Netherlands and we don’t even notice it!


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Jazz pianist Rob Agerbeek

Perhaps the best-known of all, pianist Rob Agerbeek is renowned worldwide for his jazz. He was born in Jakarta in 1937. And you know what’s so special, he’s completely self-taught. He taught himself everything and all that by listening to gramophone records. He is also called Mister Boogie Woogie, but he can do so much more. I’m always terribly impressed when you hear him play live like that.

Trombonist Flip Robers

Flip is also known as the Harbour Jazz band. With his band, he became known as far as Japan! You have to check. But they also toured the United States and Canada. Yet he is not a full-time musician, because he is actually an architect and has his own architectural office. Every time I hear him play I get happy. So turn that volume knob to FULL SPEED, grab a bucket, a cloth, a vacuum cleaner, and whatever you need. Listening to music and cleaning, believe me, it’s a ‘match made in heaven’! Or a heavenly combination. Have fun! But I’m also curious about your favorite cleaning music. What reverberates through your sitting room or kitchen while cleaning?

Music: Weapon Of Advertising Nomad Visa

Music can create a good mood or excitement, make you laugh or cry and also make you buy something. At least the music can support the advertising and purchasing effect of a product. It is important that the music also fits the respective product brand or services. Because “Brands have personalities like people and so different music genres go well with the different brands. Some products or services, for example, are more suitable for youthful music. For other people who are more serious, they can include classical music.

Music in advertising influences brand perception

Conversely, the impression of a brand can also be influenced by the selected music that is played to accompany it. Imagine you have a car advertisement on TV and classical music is played again and again when the car is shown driving. It has a completely different effect than if rock music were played.

On the other hand, if you want to advertise information regarding poland nomad visa in a website, choose classic suited for this topic.

Classical music in poland nomad visa information advertising conveys quality

Because classical music is usually chosen to communicate exclusivity, it is often associated with “something special”, with something “higher quality”. According to a study, restaurant-goers who dine to classical music are more inclined to indulge in fancy treats and are more generous in tipping afterwards. Within classical music, the effect can then be influenced again by selecting either light, fast or more solemn pieces. With slower music, for example, you stay in the store longer, with faster music, you move between the shelves faster and leave the store again faster. This is also used in restaurants, for example, when guests need to change more quickly at peak times.

poland nomad visa

Music in advertising triggers nostalgia

This nostalgia, which an advertisement can trigger, also has a trigger effect. If you ask people which advertisements they remember, they come up with advertisements from their childhood more often than current ones. And so, for example, in certain situations adults also reach for children’s products again or buy them for their own children, for example if they hear the music from an older commercial again in the supermarket or in the car. In the brain, after enough repetitions, the product and the music are connected. If the corresponding jingle or song is played later, your brain reacts to it. You immediately see the product or service in your mind’s eye.

Choosing Goal and Club Music in FIFA 22

Playing FIFA 22


“You’ll never walk alone” before the start of the game – “Hala Madrid” after a goal? In FIFA (World Cup 2022), there are again goal and club anthems. Which songs there are and how did you choose them, explain to you.

The escape light is on, 80,000 spectators – the tension is in the air. The players run in, the fans stretch out their scarf. The club anthem is played.

To ensure that nothing is missing from the football festival virtually, FIFA 22 once again offers club and goal anthems. The catch: Not every club has an anthem and you can only choose in two modes. We’ll show you what’s possible.

Cheering the decisive goal with music

Memories are immediately awakened: In FIFA 13 and 14, you could import your own catch songs, goal anthems, and club anthems. This is not possible in FIFA 22. Basically, there is only a goal anthem for a few clubs.

Which goal anthems are there?

Borussia Dortmund, Inter and AC Milan, Olympique Lyon, and Real Madrid have their own goal anthems in FIFA 22. However, AC Milan can also be heard at other clubs, which also play the song used by the Milanese during the jubilation.

This means: In the settings there is no possibility, for example, Erzgebirge Aue, to give the goal anthem of Real Madrid. Just like a song from the soundtrack – except: you create Erzgebirge Aue in Create a Club in career mode or play with this team in Ultimate Team (FUT).

How do I activate torsongs?

This leads us to the next question. How can I activate the songs? In FUT, the songs can be bought with coins via the transfer market. In the submenu “Development of the stadium” you can then select it. Small hurdle: You have to complete a few games beforehand and unlock the associated milestone.

When creating a club in career mode, you will automatically be guided to the selection.


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Before the game: A sea of scarves and the right song

It gets a bit more complicated with the club anthems. However, the picture is the same here: Only a handful of clubs have a song when it comes out on the virtual green. At least a few more than with the goal anthems.

Which club anthems are there?

From the Bundesliga are: 1. FC Nürnberg, FC Augsburg, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Arminia Bielefeld and Dortmund. From England on board: Chelsea London, Everton FC, Leeds United, Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Watford, Preston North End, and West Bromwich Albion. From Spain and England, there are club anthems to Real and Atletico Madrid as well as AC Milan.

How do I activate the club anthems?

As with the goal anthems, you can buy the club anthems in FUT on the transfer market. However, you will quickly catch your eye: There are also items for FC Barcelona and Co.

So do they also have music when they run in? No, these are just catching songs that sound at the start of the match. In both Create a Club and FUT you can activate the songs as described above in the goal anthems.

If you’re wondering how a song even finds its way into the playlist, we have something for you here. Otherwise: Into the virtual stadium, scarf out, and sing along.