Comprehending the Role of Guest Blogging as an SEO Link Building Tool

“Blogging write for us” invitations extended by content marketers is a marketing ploy that even the music industry is now using to promote music products or services. Record companies are now asking individuals, specifically content marketers and social media influencers with sizable followers, to guest blog for them. While this practice is primarily for brand promotion and SEO link building purposes, music consumers also benefit from accessing up to date information without the need for them to surf the web.

In a modern world largely influenced by digital technology and the internet of Things (IoT), along with the advent of high tech mobile devices, music inevitably became a huge part of lifestyles. After all, music has that special power of changing our mood and making us feel good.

Music blogs, including those posted and published in related websites by way of guest posting is a conventional approach that began since the late 1990s. This practice is indispensable up to the present, as it still works efficiently for SEO link building purposes.

What Exactly is SEO Link Building?


SEO Link Building is a crucial system that can help websites land at the top pages of SERPs. That is, whenever the different contents indexed by bots, provide the best and most relevant answers to a search engine query.

Search engine crawlers use URLs in indexing and ranking websites as potential sources of quality and relevant information to present in Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. The product or services being promoted by guest bloggers therefore, gain improved visibility across the web. Mainly because the URLs incorporated in high quality guest postings work efficiently as SEO link builders.

Giving extensive exposure to web page content about latest songs released by prominent and new artists, as well as info about new music materials, concerts and other similar topics, can increase a website’s chances of competing for ranking as a provider of top page SERP results.

Some Statistical Facts Supporting the Importance of Blogging as a Marketing Tool

Blogging statistics show that in line with the establishment of ecommerce as the new business norm, about 82% of entrepreneurs and brand marketers are leveraging creative content as means of driving traffic to their websites.

About 79% of content marketers are still effective in helping brand promoters increase and improve the quality and quantity of their sales leads.

According to statistical reports that analyze the results of blogging as a marketing strategy, about 79% of brand marketers give positive feedback about the use of high quality blogs in generating high-quality leads.